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My name is Chris Avery and together with my wife we ​​are the owners of Avery Electrical Solutions – a family owned electrical business serving Penrith and the Blue Mountains providing honest, reliable and professional service.

I have over 19 years of experience as an electrician working primarily in the security industry across a range of private and large scale government projects. In 2018, after many years of travel and long hours away from home, we decided to launch Avery Electrical Solutions to give us flexibility and more quality time as a young family.

But we’re not just your ordinary electricians, having recently completed our own home renovations, we want our customers to experience the same joy and excitement that our home brings us with energy efficient options and automated electrical design solutions. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship – We are truly enthusiastic about the work we do and love to offer innovative design solutions to meet your project needs.

We want to support our local community/economy – While we strive to provide you with the most cost effective options, we do not use cheap imports or counterfeit products and 9 out of 10 times our equipment/equipment is sourced from retailers premises or commercial suppliers.

We are fully licensed – Electricity is not something to be messed with unless you are an experienced and licensed electrical contractor in New South Wales, so rest easy knowing we are fully licensed. licensed, accredited and insured.

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