Sydney Electrical Services leads the way in electric vehicle charging stations

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Jul 25, 2022

Whether you are already the proud owner of an electric vehicle, about to buy an electric vehicle or want to attract customers to your business site with an electric vehicle charging station, Sydney Electrical Service offers a range of services to help you.

A growing number of people are choosing electric vehicles (EVs) as gas prices continue to soar. Others choose them as an eco-friendly way to help the environment. Whatever the reason people choose an electric vehicle, they need a charging station and this is an area of ​​expertise in which Sydney Electrical Services excels.

Sydney Electrical Services designs and installs charging stations for residential and business customers. The company’s professionals provide maintenance and troubleshooting services in the event of problems. The experts also inform customers about the maintenance of their charging station in order to ensure its reliability and performance.

The installation of electric vehicle charging stations is customized according to the unique needs of the customer. Every property is different and there are several types of EV charging products to choose from. Sydney Electrical Services can supply a universal charging station or one manufactured for a specific make and model of vehicle.

An EV charging station is particularly beneficial for commercial customers to accommodate current EV owners and attract new customers to their business. Commercial charging stations encourage EV owners to trade with companies that meet their needs.

Charging stations are installed at gas stations, highways, car parks, rentals and campsites. They also apply to community sites, tourist destinations and educational institutions. Sydney’s electric vehicle charging stations are also a way to generate revenue through electric vehicle charging. The company is qualified to install level 1, 2 and 3 terminals.

Sydney Electrical Services’ highly skilled team installs and maintains home and commercial electric charging stations for brands such as BMW, Holden, Nissan, Tesla and others. Fully licensed, insured and accredited by the NSW Department of Planning, the company offers 24/7 emergency repairs and free no-obligation quotes for EV charging station installation.

An electric vehicle revolution is underway as people seek answers to problems related to oil shortages, exorbitant gasoline prices and environmentally friendly solutions. Sydney Electrical Services helps individuals, commercial customers and the public transport sectors take advantage of new technologies with electric vehicle charging stations.

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