UNC hospitals’ Dogwood parking deck set to reopen after electrical repairs

UPDATE: UNC Transportation & Parking said Tuesday that the Dogwood Parking Bridge will reopen to patients, visitors and hospital employees at 6 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 16. The bridge was closed for five days to complete repairs to the electrical system from a Fire vehicle. Read the full statement on the parking service’s website.

Below is the initial story shared on Thursday, November 10, when the fire, blackout, and shutdown first occurred.

A parking lot primarily used for UNC Hospitals’ main campus in Chapel Hill is without power as a vehicle fire Thursday caused electrical damage to the site.

Access to the Dogwood Parking Bridge, located off East Drive and near Manning Drive, is restricted starting Thursday afternoon, according to a UNC spokesperson. Earlier in the morning, Chapel Hill firefighters responded to the bridge to extinguish an SUV parked on the first floor which was on fire. The fire was extinguished by 10 a.m., according to the university, but the parking deck’s electrical system was damaged in the incident and caused the entire bridge to fail.

The Dogwood Bridge off Manning Drive in Chapel Hill. (Photo via UNC Transportation & Parking.)

UNC said as of 2 p.m. Thursday, repair crews were on site restoring power to the Dogwood parking deck, but there is no immediate estimate of when the restoration will be. . To prevent motorists from entering the bridge, East Drive is closed between Manning Drive and Mason Farm Road. Additionally, the gates to Mason Farm Road are blocked for visitors.

Patients and visitors who were parked on the bridge before the outage may be allowed to access their vehicles and leave, according to UNC.

The Dogwood Bridge is listed as the primary parking area for visitors and patients at UNC hospitals. While it’s out of service, UNC’s Department of Transportation and Parking has recommended that patients and visitors to the hospital be redirected to the Cardinal parking deck, Jackson parking deck, and care lot. ambulatory. The outpatient care lot, which is on Mason Farm Road, has a free shuttle service offered by UNC Health to take people between parking lots and hospital buildings.

UNC said employees with Cardinal Deck permits should continue to park on their assigned deck despite the influx of traffic. Those with Dogwood Parking Deck passes are encouraged to park on the Craige Deck off Manning Drive or the Bell Tower Deck just north of the hospital campus instead. The Department of Transportation and Parking said if repairs to the electrical system at the Dogwood Parking Deck continue Friday, UNC Health employees with Jackson Deck permits would be asked to park on the Craige Deck.

A full version of the university with parking updates can be found here.

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Mara W. Anderson